Upping Your Sales Game

Struggling right now in your region, division or across your entire organization?
Worried about how the economy might dictate your sales team’s and organization’s success for months, and even years, to come?
Looking for a way to support your staff in these challenging times, to not only help them to feel more centered, calm and grounded, but also to see continued sales growth, no matter what’s occurring in our world?

More importantly, do you want to begin to address and shift the real reason for these issues in the first place? (Hint: The issue isn’t, and has never been, what you think it is.)

So, what is the real issue?
Our subconscious and unconscious blocks.

Did you know that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors depend on the 95% of the brain that is beyond our subconscious awareness? (Lipton)

What does this mean? It means that 95+% of what we’re doing and creating in our world comes from the programming of our subconscious mind.

With this in mind, if you think about having your sales reps acting from these, which, many times, means that their unconscious and subconscious sales, business, money and emotional blocks are not only ruling their sales success, but also their inner state, it’s no wonder why you’re not seeing even greater sales within your organization along with happier, calmer sales reps.


  • Fear of Rejection/Hearing No/Not Being Liked
  • Feeling Like a Fraud/Not Good Enough
  • Fear of Not Surviving
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Self Sabotage & Self-Doubt
  • Fear of Failure/Making a Mistake/Not Meeting Expectations

While these blocks can vary depending on what’s happening in our world, these blocks are rooted from within, just waiting to come to the surface when our outer world changes or we’re given a challenge that we’re not sure we can handle. Once we start bringing these blocks to the surface and transforming them, though, that’s when we have true control of our lives (and sales!), and know we can handle anything, no matter what comes our way.

Most importantly, if these are subconscious and unconscious, how do you access these?

That’s where Deb comes in. She has a unique ability to be able to see what’s really going on with an organization and its employees – and to shift it – quickly. Her unique approach can get to the root cause immediately, translating into powerful results and increased sales, way above industry standard, all with higher productivity, happier employees, increased emotional intelligence and improved communication and collaboration for stronger leaders and clearer, more profitable decision‑making.


This training is for an organization’s Sales Representatives and Leaders including, but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Brokers
  • Recruiters
  • Medical Sales Reps
  • Travel Managers, Agents & Consultants
  • Automotive Sales Reps
  • Personal Trainers


Increased Revenues, Profits and Sales, Way Above Industry Standard

Higher Productivity for Improved Performance and Results

Stronger Leadership, Communication & Collaboration and Higher Emotional Intelligence

Increased Clarity for Stronger Decision-Making and a Quicker, More Profitable Closing Rate

Happier Employees for Increased Employee Retention


I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in business, and at that time, advertising. In high school, though, when it was time to get a job, like most kids, I figured I’d work at the McDonald’s up the street. But, when they said no because I was too young, I decided I was going to cold call ad agencies within my area to see if I could intern for them. It worked (I got two internships that summer, one working for a Coca-Cola agency!), and by the time I had turned 25, I had worked as a copywriter on everything from Kraft and Oscar Mayer to Sony, Taco Bell and Subway. As I was looking for more freedom and money(!), I moved from copywriting to sales, as I always felt that copywriting was sales on paper. I ended up finishing my Corporate Career with close to 15 years in Sales, achieving many Sales Accolades during that time. (Just like most salespeople, I was super competitive!) It wasn’t until I was in Medical Sales, though, when I experienced the power of shifting my subconscious and unconscious blocks. Within the year, I quadrupled my sales, and let’s just say, I was hooked! Then, using these same processes, I recreated the same result in my coaching and consulting business, and I’m on track for a similar result – again – this year. From recreating this over and over, I know it doesn’t have to be hard, and I love helping companies to create their own version of these results, all with more productivity, clarity and ease.


Can you relate to the above? With this, are you struggling to know how to fully support your staff and team during these trying times? Would you like a powerful solution that will pay gains for months and years to come?! Then, let’s talk!

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This is the training your company may not have known that it needed, and yet, even in just a couple of months of us working together, you will see a huge shift that will transform the way you do business in the best ways possible. If this speaks to you, let’s connect. You can book time with me now here now! On our call, we’ll talk about your challenges, goals and opportunities and create a plan to overcome and over-exceed these.

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  • I admit going into this course I had reservations, as a rep my time is extremely limited and I was worried about bringing on board extra work with this course. Happy surprise, I could listen to the audio files on the many hour long drives during my day and even more surprising I found them very calming. Now I’m generally a skeptic about courses like this, working on the “inner me” to improve the general performance in personal and private life but Deborah really has put together a great set of audio and video files that I really believe have helped me. I started off very stressed and through her course I managed to find moments of peace and through that was able reorganize my thoughts. I’ve had a few people comment on how much calmer I appear and when I have very long and stressful days I still find myself following Deborah’s steps to find some calm in the storm. That being said I’d recommend Deborah to any individual who finds their mind chaotic and unorganized from stress and fatigue. She can change your life! She has changed mine.
    Tracy T.Stryker/K2M Medical Sales Rep
  • I worked with Deb, and I immediately saw an increase in my sales. With this, I was working less and had a much clearer vision for my business and future. I was able to see and achieve my goals quickly and powerfully. As part of this, immediately, it was clear that I needed to change my entire strategy. This doubled my income, and I can happily say that I’ve had the same amount of sales in the last three months as I did the entire last year. In contrast, my colleagues aren’t seeing anywhere near the same results. This doesn’t include being offered an exclusive selling outlet, which is adding 50% more selling space to my business. I know that this is all due to my work with Deb. I highly recommend her.
    Fiona H.HGTV Designer
  • Since working with Deb, I’m working less, yet I led my peers in value-based metrics, maxing out my bonus, which has translated to thousands of dollars. In addition to this, due to our work together, I’m much more effective, confident and influential as a leader.
    Julie L.Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine, Top-Ranked U.S. Hospital
  • I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me with clearing the "blocks". I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect, you really knew exactly what was going on with me. After, talking to you for bit, I couldn't believe how spot-on you were about some of the things that were going on, and some things that went on in my past. After your help, I went on to finish second on our bonus at work. Again, I just want to thank you so much, you were a major help for me moving forward and working on my personal success.
    Ed C.Automotive Sales, Audi
  • I worked with Deb, and the following month, I had my best month ever in sales, while also receiving a promotion. On top of that, I'm feeling less anxious and more calm and confident in my skills, and I have a better understanding of who I am and how to work with that to maximize my strengths.
    Jennifer S.Personal Trainer, Top-Rated International Health Club
  • When Deborah came into my life I felt an instant shift. I told myself I was going to be open to receive all she had to offer. After a two-hour meditation-led workshop I felt open and clear. Soon after, I booked a one-hour private session with her over the phone. We discussed beforehand what I wanted to work on. I was a little nervous before the session but also very excited to remove the obstacles that were holding me back. The work was remarkable. Within one hour, I had removed emotional blocks that I had been holding onto since childhood. The feeling that came with releasing them is lightness. Very soon after our session, the pathway to all of my goals began to unfold in front of me. I realized they had been there all along, but I was unable to say yes to them and to take the road laid out before me. My sense of self-worth was not what I thought it was and once I had released the hold around my self-worth, the flood gates opened. I am now living out my dream of directing my first feature film and have partnered with the people who are also realizing their dreams. I am keenly aware that this has all happened and is happening as a result of my accepting Deborah's guidance with my whole self. I came to the work with an open mind and heart and have not looked back. Deborah's guidance is a gift to anyone open and ready to make a shift into their personal power.
    Kristin G.Filmmaker