From a young age, I’ve always been a go-getter. Before I was even out of junior high, I knew I wanted to get into advertising, and even before I could drive a car, I got my first two internships working at two ad agencies within the Chicago area, including helping Coca-Cola to launch their Fruitopia brand. By the time I had graduated college, I had worked on Taco Bell, Sony, Chevron and H&R Block, to name a few. But these positions weren’t about fetching coffee, no, they were about creating radio and tv ads, promotions and point-of-sale, among other things, for top brands. Even at that young age, I was being invited into the idea meetings, typically reserved for the top creatives in the company, to help brainstorm original ideas and concepts.

It was on one of these days, working on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, when it hit me. I was watching a colleague of mine, and I realized, ten years from now, I didn’t want to be like him, working crazy hours with no time for my family and friends and the things I loved.

It was at that point when I made the choice to get into sales. After all, copywriting was just sales on paper, and sales would definitely provide me with more freedom and the ability to have control of my income and life.

As with everything I’ve done, once I made the decision to move into sales, things just flowed. I quickly became a top producer, and I finished my Corporate Career in Medical Sales. Like most sales people, I was hard-working, driven and competitive, and yet I was searching for the top techniques, tools and processes to maximize my income while minimizing the amount of time I worked.

It was then that I started to learn about subconscious and unconscious blocks and how they were impacting my sales, and really, the money I was making. The more I shifted these blocks, the more money I made, everything from business in my territory being closed by a colleague to random checks in the mail. This was coupled with going from a 60-to-80 hour work week when I started to closer to 30 hours by the time I was done.

Most importantly, though, I saw my sales quadrupled, and I was hooked.

Simply put – I knew this was the missing piece to huge results in less time.

I recreated this result again in my business, and I’m on track for a similar result this year as well. I know all of this is a combination of shifting my subconscious and unconscious blocks mixed with powerful, multiple million-dollar ideas, ideas that in my Corporate Career, helped to grow new departments and increase sales by tens of thousands of dollars, and I now travel around the country teaching trainings and workshops to help my clients to create their own version of this.


  • I’m fearless, and by fearless, I mean, that I feel fear, but I’m not scared to dive in anyways. I believe you can keep programming your body to move through fear by consistently choosing activities that help you to lean into it. For me, this has translated to skydiving, hang gliding and zip lining, even though I’m scared of heights. It’s also translated to doing improv as a newbie in front of 700 people at Park West, a local Chicago theater, even though I had never done improv in front of a live audience before. It’s also meant me talking about my personal journey to hundreds, if not thousands of people, to overcome my fear of sharing my story and being vulnerable.
  • I’ve been studying personal growth for over 15 years, and have easily invested over $100K+ in the top trainings, learning from the best of the best in everything from business and personal growth to interpersonal relationships, communication and intuitive development. This means I have hundreds of tools in my toolbox that I bring to each training to create powerful, permanent transformation and results.
  • I’m an overachiever at everything I do, everything from Straight A’s all the way through school, to Ad Society President at the University of Florida when I was a junior, to being a top achiever in all of my sales roles.
  • A huge part of how I help companies is to see your organization’s and/or team’s challenges, goals and opportunities, clearly. What this means for you and your employees is, even if you can’t see or don’t know what your block is, (After all, it is subconscious/unconscious.), or on the flip side, are missing an advantage, I will know what it is and help you to shift it – quickly. With this, I also have an innate ability to tell you what’s going to be most profitable for your business and to see what needs to change for this to happen. Then, this is coupled with tons of tools, strategies and processes that I will teach your employees, not only to help them to maximize each sale, but to help them to get more sales faster and to know exactly who to target and work with. The net result of this leads to your organization, team(s) and employees MAKING MORE MONEY, all while creating more ease, productivity and calm.