Sales Program For Reps


A new, undiscussed + easy way to drive your sales – SIGNIFICANTLY.

Hey, I get it. You’re already inundated with requests and projects. Maybe you even have your manager breathing down your neck. The last thing you need is something else on your plate.

But, what if there was a program, which was FREE for a limited time and was something you could do while driving, that, over time, meant a significant bump in your sales, not only helping to create some space between you and Management, but also helping you to feel more calm and to increase your productivity and clarity immediately?

So, what exactly is this program that I’m talking about?

It’s an eight-week audio program that can be listened to while driving that addresses subconscious and unconscious sales barriers.

Examples of subconscious sales barriers include:

  • Where a procrastination pattern gets reflected by a prospect/client, so the sale keeps getting delayed
  • Where we get our value from busy-ness or doing, so we create more work than is necessary
  • Where we struggle creating urgency with our prospects/clients, which is many times, a reflection of a lack of excitement for a part of our job, product line or the task itself

Hi, my name is Deb Acker, and just like you, I was in Medical Sales for close to a decade. While I was always a top performer, I was also always hungry, seeking knowledge and ways to take my sales to that next level.

It was several years ago now when I was introduced to subconscious blocks. Initially, I had no idea what these were, but I would soon find out that addressing these would yield unparalleled results, that, no matter how much I read, how much I studied or how much I was trained, effortlessly helped me to exceed my goals and what I thought was possible.

To be exact, that following year, I quadrupled my sales.

So, what are subconscious and unconscious sales blocks?

These are the subconscious things that you may be doing (and thinking) throughout the sales process that can be blocking additional and increased sales. For example, if you’ve ever made a call hoping that your prospect or client wouldn’t pick up (and who hasn’t?), this is one example. Also, if what you’re thinking when you’re heading into a meeting isn’t always the result that you actually want, this can be another example. And, how you respond to other sales reps and “being sold” can also be indicative of subconscious sales barriers, as if you tend to be closed to being sold and in an automatic no (and who isn’t?), this skepticism may get reflected back to you in your sales calls.

Why does this work create such powerful results and why is it important to address these NOW?

The reason why this program works so powerfully is that the subconscious is where all of the answers you’re looking for lie. In your career, this can include what accounts to target and which ones are going to make you the most money, how to get your job done quicker and more effectively and where to put your time in your territory (and where not to).

Couple this with the fact that we have on average 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and 95% of these, and really our programming, are subconscious/unconscious. That being said, the questions become:

1) How many of my current thoughts that I’m not aware of are working against the results I’m wanting to create? 

2) If these are subconscious, how do I begin to recognize these? 

3) Most importantly, how do I change them to work for me at all times to MASSIVELY uplevel my results?

Think this can wait? Let me ask you some important questions…

First and foremost, how much money are you leaving on the table not addressing these IMMEDIATELY?

How much more free time (or time spent making more money) would you have with your increased productivity and clarity?

How much better would you feel?

For me, personally, I went from working 60 to 80 hours per week to cutting this time in half, all while producing results that were unheard of.

So, what does this eight-week program, that’s currently FREE TO TRIAL, entail?

  • Listening to two audios 1-2 times per week (Each audio is between 25-40 minutes in length.) plus one short audio or video (4-8 minutes in length) that offers a unique, undiscussed perspective or tool. All longer audios can be listened to while driving.
  • Writing a LinkedIn Testimonial at the end of the program. (Your testimonial should be a minimum of 3-4 sentences and sample testimonials are provided.)

What kind of results can I create? 

Medical Sales Reps that are trialing this program have told me that, even in the first couple of weeks, they’ve seen a noticeable difference and release of mental and emotional blocks, feeling more calm and centered, as well as experiencing more clarity and higher productivity. Then, the sales increase has come as they have continued throughout the program to accelerate the next quarters’ and year’s results. 

With that, imagine seeing your own version of the results I saw when I first started using this approach (i.e., quadrupling your sales)? What could your 2020 look like?

That being said, here’s what one K2M/Stryker Rep shared:

“I admit going into this course I had reservations, as a rep my time is extremely limited and I was worried about bringing on board extra work with this course. Happy surprise, I could listen to the audio files on the many hour long drives during my day and even more surprising I found them very calming. Now I’m generally a skeptic about courses like this, working on the “inner me” to improve the general performance in personal and private life but Deborah really has put together a great set of audio and video files that I really believe have helped me. I started off very stressed and through her course I managed to find moments of peace and through that was able reorganize my thoughts. I’ve had a few people comment on how much calmer I appear and when I have very long and stressful days I still find myself following Deborah’s steps to find some calm in the storm. That being said I’d recommend Deborah to any individual who finds their mind chaotic and unorganized from stress and fatigue. She can change your life! She has changed mine.” 

– Tracy Tomlinson

So, if this is so valuable, why are you offering this for free?

The reason why I’m offering a free pilot of this for a limited time is that, while I know this works and have seen powerful results with sales reps and business owners in various industries (You can find additional testimonials here.), I am now focusing exclusively on the industry, as this is an industry that I spent nearly a decade in and know that I can support to make the biggest impact. 

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you’re super competitive, driven and are looking for new ways to win and be #1 in your region and company (and are open to trying something different to create this), and with that, you’d like to reduce mind chatter to feel more calm and clear in your life and you’re able to take the time that you’re likely already spending behind the wheel to listen to these game-changing audios, this program is for you. With this, you consider yourself a go-getter and are on a constant quest to learn.

Finally, what is the time requirement/commitment?

This is an eight-week program (or shorter, if you decide to go at a faster pace), and the time requirement is approximately 2-3 hours per week. There are two audios to listen to twice each week, and you can listen to the audios when driving. (Most audios are between 25-40 minutes in length.) I will follow-up with you with a short call or email a few times throughout the program for feedback. Then, the program completes with a testimonial. 

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

If we haven’t already connected over the phone, send an email to me at with “Upping Your Sales Game Program” in the Subject line and 2-3 dates/times that work to briefly connect. 

If we have already connected, simply reply to my email letting me know that you’re ready to get started, I’ll send you the agreement and once this is received, you’re in!

Of course, if you have questions, feel free to email me with those as well.