Are you struggling right now with your business and/or your sales?
Unsure of how to support your organization, team, or even yourself, during these challenging times?
With this, are you looking for a new way to significantly increase your sales, all while creating more ease, productivity and calm?
What if there was a way that’s not typically known or discussed that could support you and so many of your most common challenges, issues and goals, easily and quickly, to help you achieve unparalleled results?

Addressing your subconscious and unconscious blocks.

These are the blocks that are often subconsciously causing us to target the wrong people or accounts, say the wrong thing on our calls and meetings and even to lose opportunities or business. That being said, when these are addressed, we are able to come from a much clearer, connected and calmer perspective to create unprecedented returns, no matter what’s happening within other organizations or our economy and world.

If these are subconscious, how do you address these?

That’s exactly what this program is here for. Through it, you’ll address many of the blocks you may not be aware of and yet can be having such a big impact, not only on your sales, but also on your emotional state, clarity, calmness and life. You can read more about why this is so important here, but what Deb teaches here are the tools, processes and practices she learned from over twenty years in the Corporate World, including over ten years in Corporate Sales as a top performer. As part of this, she finished her career in Medical Sales, quadrupling her sales by simply addressing these subconscious blocks.

Reps from all over the country have experienced the power of this work including Tracy Tomlinson from Stryker who shared:

“I admit going into this course I had reservations, as a rep my time is extremely limited. . . Happy surprise, I could listen to the audio files on the many hour long drives during my day and even more surprising I found them very calming. Now I’m generally a skeptic about courses like this. . . but Deborah really has put together a great set of audio and video files that I really believe have helped me. I started off very stressed and through her course I managed to find moments of peace and through that was able to reorganize my thoughts. I’ve had a few people comment on how much calmer I appear and when I have very long and stressful days I still find myself following Deborah’s steps to find some calm in the storm. That being said, I’d recommend Deborah to any individual who finds their minds chaotic and unorganized from stress and fatigue. She can change your life! She has changed mine.”

So, what does this eight-week online program include?

  • Eleven Clearing Audios that can be listened to from your home, office or while on the road. (Each audio is between 25-55 minutes in length.)
  • Two Bonus Audios that you can literally listen to over and over to rewrite your sales and create more and more yeses in your sales calls! These alone are sales (and life!) changing!
  • Two Bonus Videos to help you to keep your energy in a high, profitable operating state and create more control in your sales (and life!).

Topics include:

Addressing and clearing the most common subconscious and unconscious sales blocks including:

  • Job/Career
  • General Sales
  • Sales Prep, Actions and Feelings Before the Call
  • During the Call
  • Meetings
  • Prospects, Clients and Relationships
  • Sales Processes
  • Objections & Closing the Sale

Plus bonus audios and videos including:

  • How to Take Control of Your Sales and Life (Video)
  • Managing Your Energy and The Impact This Can Have On Your Sales and Life (Video)
  • Getting in a Yes for Your Sales Calls (Audio)
  • Rewriting Negative Sales Outcomes (So You’re Not Bringing These Into Your Future Sales Calls) (Audio)

What results can I expect?

If you and/or your team and organization are 100% committed to the program, typical results include:

  • Increased sales, way above industry standard, along with unexpected outcomes (Imagine thriving no matter what’s going on in the economy or with other reps or organizations!)
  • Higher productivity and clarity (Reps often see their productivity go up anywhere from 25-50% on any given week.)
  • Greater emotional intelligence and calm
  • Stronger and more connected communication, leadership and decision making

Investment: $399 per person