Are you struggling right now and looking for an alternative way to support your staff during these trying times?
What if there was a way you could teach your team how to take full control of their sales, no matter what was occurring in our world, all while helping them to feel more centered, calm and grounded?

If you’re a business owner or sales leader, and you’re looking for ways to pivot and get ahead of the curve, so that your sales are no longer fully dependent on the economy, other businesses or outer trends, and with this, your teams are no longer financially (and emotionally) impacted in the same way, I’d love to support you.

Each training is tailored specifically to an organization’s needs to address the biggest issues that are holding your company and employees back from optimizing their results (and life!).


Sales Growth

Leadership and Team Building

Communication and Relationship Building

Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive Development


This is the training you didn’t know you needed, even just a short time ago.

Here’s the thing. Most people live their lives managing what’s coming at them versus creating it. But, when we are functioning from this state, it means that anything can come at us and knock us down. Most importantly, it means the underlying belief that we don’t really have control of our lives, world, and in this case, our sales.

Why we really feel this way, though we’re often not aware of it, is because of our subconscious and unconscious blocks. So much of what’s happening in our reality is because of these, and once we learn how to identify and transform these, we can take control of our perspective and experience and shift it to one that’s working for us AT ALL TIMES.

With this, what makes this training different is that Deb identifies the root cause of what’s really occurring (Hint: It’s not because of the economy or your prospects’/clients’ decisions or financial situation.) and then helps to transform it – quickly. And, it’s when these are addressed that everything changes, leaving your organization and employees transformed from the inside-out – to finally have true control of your sales (and world!) for a long-term and connected way-of-being mixed with sustainable, powerful practices and results.


Increased Revenues, Profits and Sales, Way Above Industry Standard

Higher Productivity for Improved Performance and Results

Stronger Leadership, Communication & Collaboration and Higher Emotional Intelligence

Increased Clarity for Stronger Decision-Making and a Quicker, More Profitable Closing Rate

Happier Employees for Increased Employee Retention


While each training is tailored to an organization’s or team’s individual needs, all trainings include a mix of group work and Deb’s Upping Your Sales Game Program.
In these changing times, right now, all trainings are taking place via Zoom and/or conference calls. As things evolve in our world, there will also be an option to do these trainings in person.
Because each training is tailored towards the needs of the organization and/or team, the investment is dependent on the number of people participating combined with your individual goals. That being said, Deb’s Upping Your Sales Game Program currently retails at $399 per person (not including any additional live training), and group rates are available.
Most trainings teach tools, systems and processes to increase sales. While these can work, many times, this isn’t the real reason why a sales rep isn’t successful.

What is the real reason?
Their subconscious and unconscious blocks. That being said, if these aren’t addressed, no matter how much other great support you give them, very little really changes. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking some version of, “I don’t know why they just can’t get it or aren’t just doing what they learned in the training,” this is why.

This is combined with the fact that, many times, the tools, systems and processes that are being taught don’t match a sales rep’s natural selling style. So, no matter how great these tactics are, they don’t feel right to the sales rep, and therefore, they don’t work and aren’t used.

What’s one example of this?
If one of the sales rep’s blocks, and with this, their natural selling style is people-pleasing, it won’t feel right or natural for them to lead the customer in a certain way because of this. In fact, it will feel forced, and not only will the sales rep notice it, it is highly likely that the prospect or customer will too.

Even deeper, though, this way of training is not a “connected” way to have a sales rep learning how to sell. What do I mean by this? A connected rep is connected enough to themselves to know what is needed in the moment. They are able to read the situation and use their innate system of selling and interacting to naturally and confidently guide the sales call where they want it to go. Period.

That being said, first their subconscious blocks have to be cleared. Then, the sales rep must learn how to connect to themselves and know what is true for them, which includes opening the sales rep to their true selling style, so that, no matter what, they can feel exactly what is needed, and with this, where to spend their time (and where not) to make the most money.

The other important piece, that many times is missing in most trainings, is a lack of focus on the sales rep’s inner state going into their sales calls.

Are they worried about making their goals or making money?
Do they feel confident in what they’re selling?
And, most importantly, what do they believe will happen during this call? (I.e., Do they believe they will be successful?)

So much of this is laying underneath the surface, and yet, if we don’t know how to recognize, address and shift this, they will subconsciously create their results from these answers. So, if these answers aren’t what they want to create, they will subconsciously block their success.

That’s what makes this training so unique compared to other trainings and programs, and why this training is so crucial. And, really, it’s when these are shifted that everything changes.
Deb instinctively knows what’s going on with a sales rep, including what needs to be shifted. She combines this with her many years of Corporate experience for maximum results. Then, she has many processes to clear it from its root, so that a sales rep can’t even hold what wasn’t working for them, let alone act from it.
Because in addressing and shifting the sales reps’ subconscious and unconscious blocks, they are actually unlearning and transforming what wasn’t working for them. Underneath this, is their truth, their connection and their knowing about what will actually work to close the sale, and with this, what prospects and opportunities will maximize their time, efforts and sales.
While your results are up to your team and the effort they put in, common results organizations and their reps experience include:
  • Seeing stabilized or increased sales, way above industry standard, even when other teams, organizations or the economy dictates otherwise
  • Feeling more calm and less stressed
  • Increased productivity and clarity
  • Stronger communication and leadership skills and higher emotional intelligence
  • And, overall, this work changing their life, perspective and how they do their role for powerful results!

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