Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and yet you’re still not seeing the results you’re desiring?

If you are a Business Owner or Sales Leader and your Reps aren’t performing the way you’re wanting them to, or you are simply wanting to grow the sales within your organization or office significantly with more ease and are looking for innovative, powerful ways to transform your reps for bigger results, you’re in the right place!

Each training is tailored specifically to an organization’s needs to address the biggest issues that are stopping your company from seeing the results (and more!) that you’re wanting.


Sales Growth

Leadership and Team Building

Communication and Relationship Building

Emotional Intelligence and Intuitive Development


While there are many great trainings out there, many of the trainings leave Sales Professionals fired up, and yet, within a short period of time, your employees, organization and sales aren’t much farther along than when you started. This, coupled with the fact that many trainings address the issue from what’s occurring in the present day, and not from the root cause, and really, the unconscious or subconscious blocks that keeps the issue in place, means, many times, very little changes in the long‑term.

The difference with these trainings is Deb addresses the root cause and, with this, the underlying subconscious and unconscious blocks that are blocking you from the results you’re desiring and then she helps you to shift it – fast. Because these blocks are subconscious and unconscious, many times we aren’t even aware of them, let alone identifying and transforming them. But, this is where Deb comes in. As an Intuitive, she uses her intuition to identify what’s really going on to quickly shift them to help your organization to MAKE MORE MONEY. It’s when these are addressed that everything changes, leaving your organization and employees transformed from the inside-out – for long-term, powerful results (and the sales to prove it!), all of which are implemented quickly and effectively, many times, even before your employees have left the training.


Increased Revenues, Profits and Sales, Way Above Industry Standard

Higher Productivity for Improved Performance and Results

Stronger Leadership, Communication and Collaboration

Increased Clarity for Stronger Decision-Making and a Quicker, More Profitable Closing Rate

Happier Employees for Increased Employee Retention


Please allow 90 minutes for this training.
If you're within the Chicago area and I am in town, this training will take place at your office. If you're outside of the Chicago area, this training will take place over Zoom, unless I will be in your area at the scheduled date/time.

In this initial training, we will begin to shift and clear your unconscious and subconscious blocks. (Think: The next level to Mindset Work.) These are blocks that most Sales Reps aren't aware of, that are stopping your employees from making more money and really, maximizing their results. Because these are unconscious and subconscious, they can be hard to identify, but this is my specialty. In addition to this, I will walk your team through an undiscussed process for determining the most aligned and profitable steps in your Sales Calls to maximize your sales and conversation rates. Imagine a 90-Minute Training where the first 80-85 minutes are full of new concepts and ideas and rich, business-and-life-changing content. Many people have shared that in this time alone, they have noticed a difference in their sales and most importantly, have made more money. This is what's possible, and highly likely, in this initial training, if your team plays full out.

So, to answer the above question, this is not a cleverly-disguised Sales Pitch. To be fully transparent, if at the end of the training, it does feel like a mutually-beneficial fit, then, and only then, will we talk about some good next steps to continue this powerful work.

For the initial training, the maximum number of people is 50. Keep in mind, this training is meant to be interactive, so it's important to create an environment that allows for this, which is best initially facilitated in small-to-medium-sized groups.
You'll receive an initial email from me with a confirmed date and time. Then, within 72 hours, you can expect a more-detailed email.
If none of the dates and times work, please email deb@uppingyoursalesgame.com with 2-3 dates and times that work for you, and I or one of my team members will get back to you with a confirmed date and time.
Because I believe so firmly in this training, and I know how life-changing this content is and that more people need access to this work. I am on a mission to serve millions, but I know I can't do it alone, and so I want to make this work as easily-accessible as possible.
This training is different in that it is covering topics and issues that are typically not discussed, topics like unconscious and subconscious blocks and intuition. Yes, you’ve given your Sales Reps the best training on how to be successful selling. Maybe you’ve even brought in the top sales trainers and leaders in the country or world to train them. But, this is the training that no one is talking about. This is the training that will cover the hidden reasons why many sales professionals aren’t successful, no matter how many tools, strategies and tactics that they learn. This is the training and the missing piece to increasing your Sales Reps’ sales, drive and success.
Many other trainings give you tools, and while the tools are powerful, many Sales Reps leave these trainings and never implement what they are taught, leaving them where they started. One of the biggest differences between this type of training and these trainings, and why these trainings work, is that, in these trainings, Sales Reps leave transformed, many times, with the blocks they’ve been struggling with, sometimes for years or more, shifted during the trainings. As part of this, because the common fears, excuses and challenges that come up have been transformed, many Sales Reps take new action immediately, and many times, effortlessly and for the first time, leading to a big impact, quickly.

*Need another time? Simply email me at deb@uppingyoursalesgame.com with 2-3 dates/times that can work for you, and I or someone from my team will get back to you with a confirmed date and time.

If you are looking for your own version of these results and you’re ready to get started and experience this training for yourself and your organization or team, you can book the first 90-Minute Sales Training, absolutely FREE here!

(Depending on where you’re located, the training will either take place in-person or online.)

If you’re wondering what the catch is, and why I offer the first training for free, I’m so confident that you’ll notice a difference, even in just one training, that I want to ensure as many organizations experience this work as possible.

*It’s important to note: This first training is not a Sales Pitch, and is a comprehensive, content-rich 90-Minute Sales Training unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

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*Need another time? Simply email me at deb@uppingyoursalesgame.com with 2-3 dates/times that can work for you, and I or someone from my team will get back to you with a confirmed date and time.